Coordinateur international: Patrick Sénac (CNRS Toulouse - France) Coordinateurs nationaux: José M. Piquer (Université du Chili - Chili); Eduardo Grampin (Université de la République - Uruguay); Mauro Fonseca (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná - Brésil) SCAN is a basic research project in the area of pervasive and ambient services. SCAN?s main objective is the creation of a pervasive space of services on top of Internet, managed by ambient service servers structured in overlay networks. Service servers will deliver high level services to mobile users connected to a great diversity of access networks. Different issues related to this objective will be investigated such as architectural requirements, service design and composition techniques, as well as modeling, validation and QoS of adaptive mechanisms for self-conscious network communication and users mobility. SCAN aims to establish an integrative activity based on the proposed common research program. SCAN will go beyond a mere integration of the research activities of the consortium members, by involving a large participation of its members in research activities and organisations within the whole research area by the integration of network technologies.

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