A new generation of network platform is called M-Net (Metamorphosing Network). A first proof of concept on a real world wild platform is already in progress and it is technically supported by VirtuOR. The development and researches on this platform are actually supported by academic partners who are led by Phare team of LIP6. This platform has already received support until nowfrom other partners such asPOSTECH (South Korea) and Waterloo (Canada). Brazilian partners will be very soon involved in the platform. For more detail on the topic "Metamorphosing Network" please consult the project web site reference ? The M-Net platform has been based on metamorphosing network concept.Each physical node is virtualized and distributed autonomous agents are installed on. The physical resources are linked over the Internet by a network overlay based on VXLAN tunneling. We have used a VXLAN solution at this level as it is already developed and available within the OpenvSwitch tool. The VXLAN tunnel is actually natively proposed by new Linux version. All the complexity of creating and managing the tunnel and network traffic for different available instances is encapsulated within a unique domain driver. This architecture is more resistant for future testing scenarios. In fact, the tunneling solution will be constantly improved and the domain driver will be autonomously rebooted as response for bugs to keep the platform as stable as possible without human intervention.

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