Competitive manufacturing industry must be able to react to change and to understand the balance of possible options when making decisions on complex multi-faceted problems. To meet this demand engineering companies are implementing more and more sophisticated information systems as a major investment towards maintaining competitive advantage and as a route to managing the increasing complexity of their products, services and systems. However the tightly focused configuration methods currently employed do not fit well with the knowledge sharing requirements of dynamic collaborative engineering. This requires knowledge representation methods that can support the needs of individual skill groups while supporting the need for knowledge sharing across groups. This research program will target new Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and methods that have the potential to extend information sharing to a richer knowledge sharing base which can support the capture, sharing, and verification of multiple sources of manufacturing knowledge thereby offering a source of manufacturing intelligence. This, we believe, is a fundamental requirement for future dynamic manufacturing decision support systems. This project proposal takes the view that effective multi-disciplinary knowledge sharing support can be achieved through the application of emerging formal logic techniques that can support the both the semantic requirements of interoperation across manufacturing systems as well as the ability to enhance the necessary ontologies with multi-domain knowledge, thereby providing a set of intelligent knowledge libraries which can be exploited to provide substantial improvements to the level of Manufacturing Intelligence that can be achieved. Keywords: Ontology, Semantic Interoperability, Intelligent Knowledge Libraries, Software Engineering, Decision Support Systems, Multi-Agent Systems.

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