MAFTIA - Project number: IST-1999-11583 MAFTIA will investigate the 'tolerance paradigm' systematically, to propose an integrated architecture built on this paradigm, and to realise a concrete design used to support the dependability of many applications. Therefore, we will work on three broad categories of objectives related to, (i) the architecture of MAFTIA: providing a framework that ensures the dependability of distributed applications in the face of a wide class of faults and attacks, (ii) the design of mechanisms and protocols: providing the required building blocks to implement large scale dependable applications: this will be addressed by means of four subclasses of objectives, dependable middleware, large scale intrusion detection systems, dependable trusted third parties and distributed authorisation mechanisms (iii) the assessment of our work: rigorously defining the basic concepts developed by MAFTIA and verifying results of the work on dependable middleware. Total de recursos financiados: 5.100.000,00 Euros.

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